Thursday, January 28, 2010

Planning Ahead

Day Lilies, Water

It's snowing, we're holed up inside in the dead of winter, and I am thinking thoughts of summer. I've signed MK and I up for Earth Trek, where we get to be Citizen Scientists! Or something resembling brainy people. Mostly we're going to roam around looking for garlic mustard, an invasive xeno species that some people want to get rid of and others want to eat. I'm in the latter group...the plant is quite delicious when sauteed, braised, or even lightly grilled with meat.
This should be fun! Plus, I get to do science! And eat!


drollgirl said...

ooh! this sounds radical and perfect for you! i'm not much for science, but the eating part sounds great! hahaha

Phoenix said... guys get to trek around the wilderness and eat mustard?

I'm in!!

(Another gorgeous photo, btw)

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

Thanks, droll and phoen! It really is tasty! I just hope that teams of exterminators don't parachute in and napalm the clutches of it that we find ;)