Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hark, A Vagrant

A few months ago a friend turned me on to the comic website, Hark! A Vagrant by Kate Beaton. I have some things I would like to say about this hilarious island of razor sharp insight and frivolity adrift in the vast sea of being and nothingness of the interwebs. I have many things, actually, that I would like to say, but instead let me spare you my pompacity and simply urge you to click on the above link and check out the fun! It really is great. I turly love it.


drollgirl said...

well i am always down for some razor sharp insight! you know what my next stop will be!

Phoenix said...

Great... there goes my work productivity. New time suck, yippee!

PS If you haven't checked out another super awesome web comic called, you should.

Right now. Run.

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

I'm running!