Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Early Bird Fossil

Early Bird Fossil

MK and I went to the Carnegie Museum of Natural History on Sunday and fun was had by all! Or just both of us. I've noticed that security pays less attention to me now with my camera since everyone is assumed to have a camera phone and I'm at least being obvious about my shutterbuggery.
But, before our jaunt to the museum we ate at Lulu's Noodles, an Asian noodle joint about a block away, situated between Pitt and CMU. I got the ramen shittake miso soup, and let me tell you, it was magnificent! Delicious, just perfect. Oh, how I love noodles. My German great grandmother used to call me 'dough belly', not because I was fat, but because all I would eat when I was a kid was pasta. Grandma Householder was a wonderful woman, cooking me macaroni, walking around with M&Ms in the pockets of her apron. She sure knew how to charm a kid! Of course when she died the image of her dead body in the coffin gave me nightmares for years, but I come from people who display their dead, so I was going to be traumatized at some time or other.


drollgirl said...

oh, you are making me hongry! i am on a diet and any real food sounds delicious right now. PASTA. noooooooooodles. YUM!

dead bodies in caskets are rather traumatic. the first funeral i went to when i was a kid scarred me for life. everybody lined up to walk past the casket. the person in front of me kissed the corpse's face, so i thought i had to do the same. fucking awful. nasty.

Anonymous said...

That photo is SO cool! (It's easy to see the bird/dinosaur connection here.)

Nature and Noodles! What a fun excursion! :)

Phoenix said...

That photo is awesome! Glad you and your girl had a good trip to the museum. (I love museums!)

I was raised in a household where we barely have funerals. And now I'm dating someone who is from an open-casket, lots of funerals family. So we discuss and weird each other out.

Sample conversation:

Him: "So...you don't take a picture of the person in the coffin?"

Me: "Ew! NO. Why can't I just remember them being alive??"

Him: "But now you can remember them being alive...AND in a coffin."

Me: "EW."

The Teardrop Foodies said...

Love the picture.. sounds like a blast! Learning new and fascinating things and pasta all in one day, luv it!

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

Thanks for dropping by, teardrop! Can't wait to read your travel/food blog!