Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I Offend

Mechanical, Is It A Bee?

Today I finally had the opportunity to stop and pick up the new Buffy comic (#31). I'm out in Cranberry fairly often, but the comic book store keeps the mercurial hours of a ghoul, so when I'm there, they aren't.
Wait! That proves I'm not a ghoul! Finally, concrete empirical proof that I am indeed a nonghoul. What a relief!
Anyway, the shop opens at noon on Tuesdays, and it was 12:15pm, so I figured that with a fifteen minute buffer they would have to be open. Even though the place was darkish and the CLOSED sign was still in the window (this isn't a big deal, they never flip the sign to OPEN), I went up and tried the door because hey, they had to be open by now, right? The door was unlocked, but once I was inside it was apparent that only the backroom lights were on. I tentatively shouted out 'Hello', which was answered with, 'I'll be open in one minute.'
I waited inside the door and was joined by two men who came in right after me.
A few moments later the lights all went up and the woman emerged from the backroom, and boy, was she pissed off. She didn't say a peep to the guys, but told me that from now on I was not to enter the store if she wasn't ready to be open. I explained that it was long after opening time, and the door was unlocked, and I just waited inside the door for her to come out of the back. She shot such a look of contempt at me and said that she'd been late to work because she was in an accident that morning and then repeated her original message that I was not in the future to ever, EVER come in the store if she wasn't ready to open. i didn't say anything more at this point, because, what's the point?
This is not the first run in I've had with this woman. In fact, every time I go in New Dimension Comics she goes out of her way to make an ass out of herself. Those rare times I go in there and have to deal with a guy I have no problems, so what is the deal with this woman? Is it me? Do I inspire hostility in comic nerd fangirls that I'm completely unaware of?
Oh who knows, but I think I'm going to take my business solely over to Phantom of the Attic Comic Book Store.


drollgirl said...

bleh! she sounds dreadful! every now and then i run into someone that just cannot stand me right off the bat. weird. i guess it is their loss, no? and i would try and buy this stuff elsewhere. good riddance to that lady.

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

Even though I don't think that highly of myself, I'm very suspicious of someone that doesn't like me for no reason. I mean, if this chick had just given me some time I would have offended, I'm sure ;)
FWIW, I adore you, droll :)

Phoenix said...

What a bitca (Buffy reference!). Sometimes comic book store workers have a serious lack of people skills. Buy somewhere else; why give your business to a hard-ass that instead of appreciating your customer loyalty feels threatened and comes across as a defensive idiot? By the way, first rule of retail - if you don't want people to come into your store, simply lock the damn door!

PS Did you enjoy Buffy 31? Have you had Twilight's identity spoiled for you like it has been for half of the rest of the internet?

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

Phoen: Yes, Twi was spoiled for me on whedonesque, but I allowed myself to be spoiled. Gee, that sounds awfully 70s backseat car of me ;)
Anyway, LOVE the issue!!!!! So much is starting to be wrapped up, or set up to be wrapped up. I'm ready for season 9, with hopefully more Faith in it.
And I am taking my business elsewhere. They won't be getting my 2.99 + tax again!