Thursday, September 10, 2009

Oh Figs!

MK's neighbor, Carl, is moving and he gave us his much coveted, by me at least, fig tree! I ate a fig off it last night and it was delicious. Sweet and almost juicy, more pulpy than actually juicy, I suppose. Still stellar in my estimation!
Tomorrow I finally head off for jury selection. If I'm not selected than i just get sent home, and if I am selected I have to sit in on trial at the end of the month. Here's hoping I get the boot!


gypsywee said...

Lucky girl! Are you going to dig a big trench and push it under-ground for the winter? (I saw someone do that on a show once...cold climate and all.)

Miss Kitty said...

No, it's potted and we will be lugging it down into the basement for winter. That's what our neighbor did.

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

The figs are delicious! Although MK won't touch 'em. Fine by me, and more for me :)