Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Like Lemmings Off A Cliff

Coast Guard on the Ohio River, Pittsburgh

That dread time is nigh upon us, the G-20 and thousands of law enforcement officers have descended upon the city. Reportedly the reason that Pittsburgh was selected to host the summit is because 17 other cities turned down the honor. Which means we were picked because we're easy and said 'yes'. It's going to be nearly impossible to get into downtown starting, I don't know, yesterday. The rivers are even closed off to boat and barge traffic.
MK is coming to my house this weekend because I promised to give her candy and a foot rub. I probably could have skipped the candy dangling, foot rubs seem to be a big motivator for her.
Anyway, that is it. Pittsburgh is a ghost town patrolled by the legions that chased us out and shut us down. It'll be interesting to see what sort of protests take place. I should grab my camera and venture forth to capture this historic event, but I have a fear of being tazered by a rattled cop in riot gear.
At least on Saturday we're taking advantage of being in parts north of the city and going a hike with the Pittsburgh Wilderness Women. Great name for a club. Makes me wish I still had that coonskin cap from childhood.


drollgirl said...

the hike part sounds good! i hope that part is fun!

stay away from those crazy tasering cops. ugh.

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

Oh, I am! If I'm going to get tasered I want it to be because of some kind of domestic dispute involving my family ;)

Phoenix said...

Don't tase me, bro!

Sorry, someone had to reference 2008.

Cops are...not my favorite right now.

Phoenix said...

Thanks, Jennifer :)