Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Vintage Crown Royal


I think that I've mentioned that my mother is preparing to put her house on the market and move to a smaller space.  Currently she's living in my great-grandparents' farmhouse (1882), and that place is fairly full of multi-generational stuff.  Not a day goes by without mom calling me and asking if I want this thing or that thing.  Today she asked if I wanted this old bottle of Crown Royal that had belonged to my grandfather.  I just figured that it was an empty bottle, some commemorative or collectible bottle that he kept after the fact of the contents.   But no, a bottle of whiskey older than me, unopened.  Who does that?  Keep booze around for decades?  I'm sure that it's wonderfully smooth after 56 yrs at rest in the cellar, but after a little research I also learned that it's worth between $250-$300 US!  I can't drink this.  I have to either sell it or pass it along to someone else in the family, who would probably drink it.