Sunday, April 3, 2016

Moore Is Less

Henry Moore Reclining Figure, Columbus Museum of Art, Ohio, 2014

Over on Hyperallergic they've got a piece up about students at Columbia University in NYC objecting to the proposed installation of one of Moore's many, and only slightly varied, 'Reclining Figure' statues.  I would like to chime in on the argument and add my opinion:  The hideous female form aesthetic has become the single most tired and trite movement in all of the art world.  It should be laid to rest, at least for awhile, until something approaching objectivity can enter the conversation.  It's just so colossally common that it lacks the ability to draw in the eye.  Infact, when I was at the Columbus Museum of Art two years ago, had I not had to wait outside to meet a friend, I would've walked right passed the Moore statue without so much as a glance.  Is that what we want from these huge public pieces?  For them to be ignored?  I say warehouse the whole lot and revisit them in a hundred years.

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