Monday, August 10, 2015


Victim of Solar Thermal Energy

Unlike the mythical Phoenix, there is no rising from the ashes for these unfortunate birds.  Dubbed 'Streamers' by the power plant workers for the trail of smoke they leave in their wake, birds are literally catching fire in mid-flight while flying over massive solar thermal energy plants.  Solar thermal is NOT to be confused with solar panel.  With solar panels, the panels collect and convert the sun's rays into energy directly, while solar thermal concentrates the sun's rays and directs them to a tower that then starts the process of activating steam turbines to generate electricity.  Ignorance, especially willful ignorance as it occurs in the U.S., I think this distinction between the two should always be clarified.
Hopefully something can be done to discourage the birds from flying over the collection area of the plants, but honestly, this all sounds just like something from a dystopian future that is rushing up to meet us.
Hat tip to TYWKIWDBI for turning me on to the story!

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