Saturday, August 8, 2015

Off The Path

Burdock, Arctium lappa, Pittsburgh, 2015

Notice the tiny hooks on the ends of the spikes?  That singular annoyance to anyone who has ever deviated from a trodden path into the brush, led to the creation of velcro.  Burdock, though, has contributed much more to the lives of humans than as a fastener.  Both edible and highly medicinal, it should be prized in any garden - and it is in mine.  Although, every once in awhile my neighbor Camille will stop by and comment on 'all of the weeds' I've got growing.  No matter how many times I explain to her that they are most decidely NOT weeds, she persists, closing the door on her ignorance so that it not be tainted.  All in all she's a pretty good neighbor, and I realize that she thinks she's being helpful when she offers to help me clean up that part of the yard (mostly she wants me to tear out everything and plant some bulbs and grass.  I hate grass, I do, and every August when the grass finally, mercifully, withers in the incessant heat of the dog days of summer, I am filled with joy), but in reality she's only being clueless, and a little bit pushy. 

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