Tuesday, August 4, 2015

One Project After Another

Cedar Raised Garden Beds, Pittsburgh, 2015

For whatever reason, this summer has been one project after another.  On Sunday we're suppoed to have a 'day of fun' where we'd kayak and then go for a swim in the lake, but I mentioned building raised beds from cedar fence planks, and, well, that was that.  We ended up building 2 - 6'x3'x1' beds, that then each required 14 cubic feet of dirt.  THEN, to top it all off, we decided to get pine straw to line the outer edges between the beds and the fence.  At least the latter was free, since it's in abundance beneath my mother's white pine trees.
Now I'm sore all over, but really glad that too that an idea was brought to fruition.
The last project on the slate is painting the awful 1970s kitchen cabinets.  If that ends up looking like crap, then after we repave the driveway and replace the retaining wall, it'll be a kitchen reface.  Love this money pit...I think.

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