Friday, June 5, 2015

Return of A Certain Darkness

Hannibal Mini Coloring Book Cover

Season three of the NBC show, 'Hannibal', kicked off last evening.  Of course I couldn't watch it in real time because who stays up until 10pm?  Who?  So, I streamed the show this morning on NBC's website.  While not as clunky and slow as CBS's website, it was still pretty bad.  More like 2004 than 2015.  I suppose upgrades are pricey and TV execs can't get their millions in bonuses if they're actually working on their infrastructure, now can they?
That miserable experience aside, the show 'Hannibal' is decidely NOT for everyone.  It's dark, both in tone and in how its shot.  I haven't seen a show with less lighting since the early years of the X-Files.  As for tone, well, suffice it to say that Hannibal is able to have a very enlightening conversation with what remains of the man he is ingesting, explaining that he is not a cannibal because no one is his peer.  That's one way to rationalize eating people, and further proof that even psychopaths employ a reasoning to their misdeeds.
Truth be told I'm not a big fan of the show, but I do watch everything that has Gillian Anderson in it.  Her Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier is the best thing about the show.  She knows who and what Hannibal is, and yet instead of being completely terrified, she's only slightly terrified and then intrigued.  Hopefully she lives to regret everything.
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