Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Ida H. Hyde

Ida H. Hyde, Headstone, Woods Hole, MA, 2015

We had time to kill in Woods Hole waiting for the ferry over to Martha's Vineyard, so we decided to wander around the cemetery there.  There were a lot of interesting grave markers, some with lengthy and very descriptive epitaphs, but it was this erratic boulder with a plaque affixed to it that really caught my attention and made me wonder:  Who was Ida H. Hyde?  It turns out that she was an astonishing woman of uncommon perserverance.  Her singular focus to study nature and biology weathered her through a lot of hardships, not the least of which was the nearly insurmountable gender bias she encountered at university.  In the end, her work and dedication spoke for itself.
I'm so glad that I came across her final resting place, and learned more about this extraordinary scientist.

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