Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Beagle Poetry

This poem is from Bela's perspective. In my mind she has a thick southern Italian accent. Anyway, we were out walking Bela the other evening and just as she was getting ready to do her business a man rounded the corner walking two large dogs. Bela hates other dogs, is suspicious of them and their intentions, so of course she couldn't leave herself vulnerable by taking a dump and instead dragged us down the street post haste. The first line of the poem is just the offhand comment that I made at the time. MK noted that it sounded like the beginning of a horrible poem, so this is all her fault.

My ass is full of bitter turds
each one an homage to your face
I have feasted on the moldy cheese of your love
and now suffer for all eternity on the shores of Garbage Island


Radical Bradacal said...

HA! I heart this.

Miss Kitty said...

The only problem with it is that Bella would see garbage island as a paradise--smelly with endless possibilities for foraging.

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

Yes, Garbage Island is paradise, but not for her because her ass is full of bitter turds and love gone rancid.
Hmmm, there is just no way to make this piece of crap work ;)

drollgirl said...

i am feeling the love here! hahahaha

Julie said...

Ah. At last, poetry that satisfies.

Maybe there's some way to work that "love gone rancid" line into a second verse.

H said...

If Bela would just have her own poetry reading now! ;-)