Thursday, March 4, 2010

As Time Goes By

People Who Are Now Dead, Kissing 1928

People and their hormones, it's like lemmings off a cliff. I have no idea who these people are in the picture, or what the 'S' stands for on the man's tank top. I'm willing to venture that it doesn't stand for Superman, particularly since the character hadn't been conjured yet.
I'm still rooting through my grandfather's old photographs, obviously.


drollgirl said...

what a super photograph. and s is always for superman. :)

Anonymous said...

Love old photos!

This one reminds me of a schmaltzy song we sang in high school ("Traces"). The lyrics were:
Faded photographs
Covered now with lines and creases.
Tickets torn in half
Memories in bits and pieces.
Traces of love long ago
That didn't work out right.
Traces of Love...

Of course...this love may have worked out right. :)

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

H - I love the shmaltzy lyrics! And yeah, hopefully they found love...probably they found marriage which can be love, or the exact opposite of love ;)