Sunday, July 5, 2009

Will Be Back

Pay no attention to the stains on my shirt. They add nothing to the narrative, unless you're interested in the messiness of my interior, then every little bit of crap speaks for itself.
I'm leaving for vacation and will be off line for two weeks. My interior secrets and stains will remain so until I get back and blab.


TheWeyrd1 said...

OOOOO! Fun, a vacation. What's a vacation. I thought that was when you stayed home and didn't go to work for a few extra days after a weekend or holiday...heh.

H said...

I am SO EXCITED for you and I know you're going to have a fabulous time!

Bon Voyage Hugs To You!
(Oh...and please give hugs to those "Idahoans/Montanonians" for me ;-) ).

drollgirl said...

hope you gals have a FANFUCKINGTASTIC VACATION!!! be safe. i think they have wild animals out there.

~seelenschmerz~ said...

what stains??? gawd. lol
i'm looking forward to the tales you'll tell upon your return.

gypsywee said...

welcome back girls. It was great having you here in "big sky" country!