Friday, July 24, 2009

Porch View, Thoughts on Inertia

Baby Mountain Goat, Logan Pass, Glacier National Park, MT

I know that I haven't written my trip report yet, but I am not without excuses!!!1! First and foremost, I've been lazy. The urge to be lazy should not be burdened with guilt or a sense of obligation or really anything at all beyond the desire to sit on the porch with a choice beverage reading up on syringeal anatomy in the common crow (Corvus brachyrhynchos), plus I did a couple of sudokus, called my mom, three times, and I did loads and loads of laundry, most of it not mine. OH! And I cooked! I made the best meatloaf in the world! I usually add a packet of dried French onion soup to the meat and milk and bread crumbs, with a liberal splash of teriyaki sauce. Anyway, I was out of French onion soup, so I made it from scratch and reduced it to beefy carmalized onions. I'm telling you, fabulous!
Lastly, the last thing I've done since I've returned from vacation and not written about it is go out and look at the old, formally tall and standing, black locust tree in the backyard that fell last night. It fell into our neighbor's yard, Pam and whatever her husband's name is. I'm sure that he has a name, I mean, he works and employers frown upon hiring nameless employees, unless Cheney wants you to leak information, then no name is best. So, I went over to Pam's house this morning, knocked on the door, said, Hey, sorry our tree fell in your yard. She had this shocked look like, a tree? It fell? I don't go outside much... Rarely, but not never, I'll see Pam in her yard with her three year old son. Otherwise, I never see them. Any of them. I think the husband cuts the grass at midnight with hand shears so as not to disturb the peace. We lived here two years before I even saw them once. I figured that they were shut-ins or internet nerds or were growing pot in their spider kingdom basement and had become paranoid from the cumulative effects of THC over decades. The last might still be a home business that Pam runs. I could see it.
So, finally, after of all that avoidance explaining, I will post a vacation report on Sunday, Monday at the latest. Really, there's no reason for my avoidance apart from blatant laziness, there's even an instance where I am a minor hero!


drollgirl said...

hahahah!!! hooray for laziness -- that is my specialty!

and the funky neighbor thing is alive and well in today's society. boy, the stories we all have!

hope you have a great weekend! :)

Anonymous said...

Welcome home!

Hmmm...I'm willing to cut you some slack for "vacation lag." ;-) As you've already mentioned, it takes time to settle in again (catching up on household chores, reading tubs o' mail, returning calls/emails, etc.) Besides, we'll be anticipating your account of the trip in much the same manner that people excitedly await the next episode of a favorite televion program.

Oh...and that "Baby Mountain Goat" photo is adorable!

Solo Homo said...

Girl, you should apply to be a writer on a sitcom... SNL could use your Cheney references!!

Looking forward to the trip report and hopefully, more laughter from me in response!

Great post, Jenn.

TheWeyrd1 said...

I say be too lazy until you're back from vacation...

JennyMac said... husband thinks I need some of this actually. LOL. Great post.