Monday, July 20, 2009

Miles To Go And There You Are

Caty and I are back from our trip out west. Exhausting, but what an adventure! Many thanks to our hosts, J and B, who made the trip possible in the first place, and then welcomed us with such warmth and hospitality that we owe them BIG TIME !!! Wonderful time all-around and I'll post more about it in the days to come as I catch up on laundry and get a few things in order back here.
Much love, J&B!


drollgirl said...

welcome home!!! i hope you had the best time!

i have not figured out what book(s) to get you, as i am a loser! i will keep thinking! and if you have any ideas please let me know! ;)

Solo Homo said...

The trip to Glacier, Montana and Wyoming is one that is on my list. Please post more photos! I can hardly wait to see it for myself and am really glad you had the experience. I can only imagine that it was awesome!

gypsywee said...

Thaks for coming to see us. What a blast! xo, j&b

gyps said...

um...that was "thanks" haha!

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

Gyp, we had the best time imaginable!!!! Like MK said during the looooong drive home: I didn't expect to like them so much! She's cold, I know ;)
Solo, the rest of the pics and text dissection are forthcoming, hang on :)
Droll, I'm mailing out your print on Monday...then you owe me :D