Friday, January 30, 2009

Super Bowl XLIII

Here we go, again! The Steelers will be playing in their seventh Super Bowl in a mere two days, going for their sixth win. That one loss to the Cowboys in '96 still smarts. Neil O'Donnell's legacy in Pittsburgh is forever sealed as the guy who choked in the big game. That's just how it works in sports. You're either a maligned loser or a lionized hero through the ages.
I'm a little nervous about Sunday's game. I don't really know anything about the Cards and I didn't watch them throughout their playoff run. Are they for real? I'm guessing that they've got some necessary winning elements, but honestly, much of the NFC was so weak this year that it's difficult to see any NFC as threatening.
I'll be watching the Super Bowl, and holding my breath until which time the Steelers either put the game away or give me a heart attack.
Go Steelers!


H said...

Although many of the demoralized Cleveland Browns fans just can't bring themselves to root for the Steelers...I wish them the best in the Super Bowl!

Go Steelers!

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

Aw, that is so sweet! I know that if the Browns were in the big game I'd be making little brown and orange voodoo poppits and sticking them with rusty needles, so I appreciate your not hating on us ;)

H said...

It was a great game and...the Steelers were (once again) victorious!

Those of us in Cleveland will just have to hope that the Cavs will fulfill our dreams this year, since "Maybe next year..." gets old as time passes. ;-)