Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fringe, The No-Brainer, 1.12

I only have a page and a half left in my Lil Chub notebook (yes, I write everything in long hand first) so this going is to be short bare bones.
"The No-Brainer" is basically one of those stand alone episodes often employed (think monster of the week eps from The X-Files) for fun effect and character extrapolation. So it is that we got to see Walter deal with the mother of the lab assistant he killed all those years ago, and Astrid was given more lines. Nothing revelatory, but more lines nonetheless.
The premise of this episode revolves around a recently fired computer nerd with a murderous grudge who takes the video from 'The Ring'(not literally, but close enough) and tweaks it so that it now liquifies your brains when you watch it online. Cool! And ew. I guess it makes marginally more sense than the deadly video from 'The Ring' with the girl crawling out of your tv. Cuz this shit happens all the time.
Anyway, best Walter line: "This is the part of the day that I look forward to the most, when I know that there's something bizarre out there!"
And now I'm out of space.


Natazzz said...

I love that you actually write write, as in on paper.

My penmanship is horrible, plus I love to cut and paste a lot, so the old fashioned way wouldn't work for me...

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

I guess I'm just into a good pen and paper. For me it's just the organic way ;)