Saturday, March 22, 2008

Mezza Luna

Miss Kitty and I bottled our latest batch of wine today, a mezza luna red that's semi dry with hints of oak and raspberry. We tasted it and I have to say that unless this impudent bad girl mellows a bit more, we've got a kick ass red suitable to serve at pig roasts or with bear sausage.
Yes, yes, I'm aware that it will mellow over time and just need to be patient, but dang. Though I must admit, I'm pleased with the alcohol content in this batch of wine over the last batch. The last one, a barolo, was a bit on the light side, coming in at 12%, while this one is 13.5%, which in my opinion lends itself to a cleaner taste, much more refreshing on the palate, and a better accompaniment to a meal.


gypsywee said...

Mellow schmellow...I'll take a glass right now. I have a big plate of bear sausage, onions, and stinky cheeses all ready. Yum. :D

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

Oh, we'll be bringing wine with us once we head out to MT! I always bring my own booze. Just to make sure that there's enough ;) I may be uncouth, but I'm not a barbarian.
Oh, and have you actually eaten bear? I'm told that raccoon tastes similar, but I'd really rather not find out first hand.

gypsywee said...

No. I haven't tried bear--sounds like I should "pass" if it's ever offered. I do spend a lot of time in Montana trying not be eaten by bears. Bring your pepper spray along with that wine. ;)