Thursday, March 13, 2008

Top Chef

Look, I'm no chef, no expert, just a foodie in the kitchen tormenting my family with open faced burgers served on sour dough bread smothered in sauteed veggies and served with a side of pasta salad doused in a reduced vinagrette. What can I say, I have to be kept busy because idle hands are the devil's playground or whatever. As a total aside, I don't believe in the concept of an actual satan at all. Evil is all human doing, not some outside force. Meanwhile, I'm totally open to the concept that an expanding universe represents God and a black hole represents not-God. That at least makes sense, and doesn't force me to believe in unsubstatiated mythology for poo-poo sake. You know, people who poo-poo ideas that they don't share and their personal faith is so weak that they can't ponder anything outside of their narrow scope of heaven and ETERNAL HELL FIRE.
Season 4 of Bravo's top rated cable cooking competition, Top Chef, debuted last night. It was a mixed bag as far as an introduction to the chefs might go. Andrew seems crazy, shaking in rage at Richard, Ryan didn't seem to be able to comprehend certain things, Stephanie won the elimination challenge, but other than that, everyone other that the lesbians (Lisa, and the couple of Zoi and Jennifer) are a blur. Nimma got booted, and deservedly so, for over salting shrimp scampi - I was unaware that you salted that dish at all - but I wouldn't have minded if the guy from New Zealand had been sent packing either. Sure, he's sweet enough and all, but he's got a lazy eye or something. I don't blame him for that, we all have our physical faults and foibles. But I don't find that appealing at all in men. In women, yes. In men it spells serial killer, or worse, president.
The most exciting thing about the entire show was the preview for next week's episode. The anger! The swearing! The seemingly beer-fueled outbursts of insecurity! Oh, the humanity! Which neatly brings us full circle to my religion rant, so I'll end here.
Until next week when we see how the hype panned out.

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