Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Illma Gore, Artist

Make America Great Again, Illma Gore artist

Where do we draw the line?  Is there a line? (there is no line)  Body shaming someone as loathesome as Donald Trump might make some people feel empathy for a person who himself lacks any shred of empathy.  That aside, mocking and hideous representations of nudes is hardly anything new in the art world.  It's only that we so seldom see a male portrayed so unflatteringly.  It's common, oh so very common, for women to be rendered as utter monsters.  Case in point:  De Kooning's 'Woman' -
Charming, I'm sure, but also the stuff of nightmares.  I'm so little interested in what these sorts of paintings are trying get at employing spurious 'form', and the only real interest I do have is in the level of misogyny that the artist engaged in.
Art has always been used to express both the obvious and the hidden recesses of the human psyche.  It's been used to lash out, and whether that's a righteous attack or blasphemy, depends solely on your perspective.  While I find the Micro Penis Trump amusing because I find him to be so terrible a Presidential candidate, I also recognize my own hypocrisy because I don't think that body shaming is ever valid.

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