Saturday, December 12, 2015

Extra Cash

Vintage Teacup and Saucer, Japan, sold, 2015

Every freaking year for the two months leading up to the most over-hyped, bloated holiday that mankind has ever witnessed, I sell crap on ebay.  Some of the things I've sold are literal crap, as in coprolite, or fossilized dinosaur poop (remember:  Everybody poops!).  A lot of it though is just stuff that my mother has foisted upon me.  Case in point, the lovely, but not my cup of tea, teacup and saucer pictured above.  A piece so delicate that your gaze falling upon it might cause a stress fracture.  I have a whole area in the basement devoted to stuff to be sold on ebay or etsy, and most of his come from my mother - or I'm not quite sure where it came from.  For instance, a mink stole with matching hat.  One day it was in the storage room in the basement, as if materializing from another timeline.  Anyway, a guy bought it.  Supposedly he's going to repurpose the fur on fishing lure flies, but really, I don't care what he does with it.  It's his, he can dismantle it and sew up fashion furs for Barbie and Skipper and that would be awesome.
The things I enjoy selling the most are the oddities, those out of the ordinary things I come across out in the world.  The stray animal skull, or, if I'm truly lucky, the entire skeleton, fossils, old unwanted discarded bits of taxidermy, a haunted stuffed (as in stuffed toy, not stuffed as in taxidermied) otter missing an eye, an old book of poetry with a lengthy and nearly illegible heart wrenching and passionate inscription, an older picture behind an old picture in a frame, these are the things I love.  Surprises where one might not expect it.  Those things always sell, and usually for the most money.  People sometimes need something that is outside the ordinary to remind them how marvelous life can be.

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