Tuesday, December 8, 2015

A Hussy, et al

Bargello, Florence, Italy, 2006

In the more modern vernacular we seldom use words like trollop, hussy, strumpet, etc., unless we're poking fun, and their meanings have fallen out of our collective purview (at least in the U.S., who knows what the Brits are employing to insult their women folk).
For this reason I have collected a list of words commonly used to denigrate women before 'ho' and 'bitch' became the standards.
Hussy - 1. A lewd or brazen woman.  2. A saucy or mischievous girl.
Trollop - 1. A vulgar or disreputable woman.  2. A sexually promiscuous woman, a prostitute.
Strumpet - A prostitute.
Harlot - A prostitute.
Tart - A woman who wears make-up and clothing in such a way as to garner sexual attention.

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