Monday, October 12, 2015

Moth On Glass

Ectropis crepuscularia, Fombell, PA 2015

As seen on a window at my mother's house.  I was there to take pictures of the house, just as a keepsake sort of thing as my mother has put the house on the market.  Odd, really, to think of 'the farm' not being there, or being there, but not for us.  Originally the barn was built in 1880 (and destroyed by a tornado on May 31, 1985) and the house was built in 1881.  My great-grandparents, German farmers, bought the property in 1919 and it's been in the family ever since.  Now, it's become too much for my widowed mother to keep up.  The last straw may have come this summer when a groundhog took up residence under the side porch and started to compromise the foundation on that side of the house.  Although my mother claims that at one time she was a crack shot, I don't think she could hit the broadside of a barn now.  And, to make matters worse, my oldest brother (who lives next to mom) has become so passive that he refused to shoot it.  My son, luckily, had no qualms about dispatching the digging fiend.  Typically I do promote live trapping an animal and releasing it elsewhere, but we've got a glut of groundhogs and sometimes you just have to get rid of it.

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Jane Droll said...

gotta tell you that your writing makes me laugh! you are so descriptive!

it must be hard to know someone else will end up with the property. when my grandparents in ARK had to sell their farm, it was sad. very sad. but nobody in the family wanted to pony up (pardon the expression) to buy the farm (LOL!) and make a go at a making a living via raising/selling cows and chickens. so it's gone. wah. and the new owners practically pulled shotguns on it last time i tried do just DRIVE past it. maybe they are pot farmers? lol. who knows.

when my other grandparents had to move out of their 30+ year old home, i choked on the tears, as did they. UGH. so hard. the homes just represent so much. but i guess it just has to be done.

i still drive past my old apartments on occasion. it's hard to be attached to a most of them, but the memories that surround them are another story.

lord i am sentimental sally today!

p.s. i am the freak that still remembers addresses, zip codes and phone numbers from bygone eras. then again, it took me a good 3 years to memorize my cell phone number!