Friday, September 18, 2015

A 57 Year Window Into Cause of Death

Eleanora Duse's Death Certificate

An odd little genealogical tidbit I found while yet again toiling on my family tree, Pennsylvania has available online death certificates for anyone who died in the state between 1906 and 1963.  Why they offer that 57 year window I have no clue.  You have to be a resident of PA to utilize this, but I think that if you simply type in a valid zip code in the prompt box (for instance, 15213, which is a Pittsburgh zip), you should be able to access the archives.
Here I've posted Eleanora Duse's death certificate, God bless her.  What a talent, and how tragic that she died in this then smoky city.  I've blogged about Duse before, which you can read here.

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