Monday, May 25, 2015

Between Is One Bad Show

Last night I watched the first episode of the new Netflix show, Between.  It's too bad that Dorothy Parker insists on remaining dead as she alone could do justice to ripping this insipid bit of crap to bloody shreds.  The production values are so low that they seem to be a nonexistent after thought that never materializes.
 In this doomsday-ish scenario, where everyone over 22 years of age gurgles dark, viscous blood and then drops dead, we see in way of any pathology performed, an old guy in a lab coat in what looks like an ill-equipped high school science lab surrounded by corpses, still fully clothed, on gurneys, peering into a microscope.  I foolishly thought that he was preparing to do an autopsy, but no.  Not even when a couple of lackeys show up from the Canadian version of the CDC does anyone think to do an autopsy.  Yeah, you are real serious about getting to the bottom of this phenomenon.
Look, I can tolerate a certain amount of suspension of belief, and even huge dollops of fringe science, but this is no science.
After one episode I am outta here. 

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