Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Genius Sans Artistry

My Little Pony, Princess of the Bullfight, Pittsburgh, 2014

Artistry is an intangible, uncomfortably subjective, gossamer in a pea-soup fog that never rolls out to sea to reveal its existence.  It's a personal struggle, for both the artist and an individual within the audience, to discern what any work of art is or is not.  Except if you're Kanye West, in which case it is up to him, and him alone, again, to tell the world what is what and who deserves praise and accolades for their efforts.
I'm ashamed, a little, that I'm even addressing something that West has done.  I tend to avoid shameless self-promoters, even if others deem them a genius.  These sorts of people bore me because every situation has to somehow be about them. West might argue that he's incensed on Beyonce's behalf in this matter, but the truth is, this is about him and his opinion, and actually detracts from Beyonce's achievements.  Remember, Beyonce won 3 Grammys that night.  West is outraged because she didn't win 4.  Boo hoo.
Beck won album of the year.  Sounds good to me.

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