Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Niagara Falls, A River In Winter

Niagara River, New York,Winter, 2009

This morning on the local (Pittsburgh) news they did a piece on people, tourists, going to Niagara Falls to see the partially frozen falls.  I've been to Niagara Falls in winter and it is stunning, but also bitingly, bitterly cold.  There's a constant wind fueled by the falling water, and there's no way to escape the wind and the spray.  It's seemingly everywhere.  The sight of the massive ice floes is impressive, and I'm glad that I've seen them, but I wouldn't go back, necessarily.  I don't feel a burning need to return.
In this photo a large flock of seagulls had just taken flight off the river as it neared the drop off of the American Falls.

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