Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Babs & Pabs: A Very Special Collaboration

      Barbie & Pablo, Pittsburgh, 2014

In a rare stroke of pure and utter genius, I have paired Barbie with Picasso to create an entire portfolio inspired by the cultural impact these two 20th century icons left on history.  Actually, anyone following this blog at all has surely noticed that I have been tinkering with Barbie and the selfie.  For now I'm going to veer off from that exploration and instead focus in on what might've been had Barbie and Pablo collaborated, if Barbie had been the inspiration for the crying woman instead of Dora Maar.  Can Barbie cry?  Maybe more importantly I should ask; would Barbie cry?  Even or especially if she fell prey to Pablo's charms as so many women did, only to be jilted after a few years for a younger version.  The disposable muse.  Would Barbie cry then?  Or would she keep on smiling through the pain and rejection? 
Stay tuned for all the heartache and drama a plastic doll and man dead since 1973 can muster!

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