Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Still Here

Church, 2010

Yes, I've been away. Not away, away, just away from the computer and blogging. Spring brings a lot of work along with the better weather, and after a long harsh winter, it's good to be outside toiling about the yard and garden.
I also saw a down turn in my financial situation, so I've been doing a bunch of different things to earn extra cash, not the least of wish is taking on a part-time job mowing lawns. Or, more precisely, one huge ass lawn. I have mastered the fine art of using a zero-radius riding mower, or as I call it, zero tolerance since the slightest touch on the steering levels veer you wildly off course. But I'm not complaining, it's actually a pretty sweet gig and pays better than what you'd expect.
And, in preparations for my impending move in with MK this summer in our new house, I've been selling stuff I no longer want or need on ebay. I'd been toying with the idea of selling of my Buffy The Vampire Slayer collection of collectibles for quite sometime and finally took the plunge. Turns out the economy is not so bad when it comes to BtVS!
Also, I was part of a poetry reading/art exhibit last weekend and one of my prints sold, so that threw extra cash into the mix as well. Basically I'm saving up for a trip this summer to Texas to see Reichter graduate from his Air Force training, and MK and I want to stay a day or two extra to see the sites around San Antonio. It's not likely that we'll be back to TX anytime soon, so we want to make the most of it while we're there.
There in a nutshell is what I've been up to: Making money and working on prints. I like it best when those two things overlap :)


drollgirl said...

well you have been a busy bee! all good things, and i am glad you are making it work!

Phoenix said...

Glad to hear you're well...I was wondering how you were doing. Congrats on moving in with your lovely MK - yay!

And as a fellow lover of BtVS and also equally broke you'll pardon me for not wanting to know what awesome, amazing stuff you sold because I will weep bitter tears.

::sniff, sniff::

Nah, not really...okay, only a little bit...

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

Well, Phoenix, I had a few props from the actual show, but it was the Faith prop that gave me pause. I know she was evil and all, but I identified a bit with her, and giving that shirt up just made me stop and think.
The rest was all Buffy related stuff, or just mass market figures, cards, and whatnot. I still have my extemely limited edition Buffy tarot card deck, but since there are only three of those, selling it will only come when have no choice ;)