Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Marty On His House

Oncoming Storm

It was raining this morning when I got up, which was just as well because I had a lot of indoor work to get done. In the livingroom there's an old cedar chest that I'd put a bunch of photos in back in 2005 and then promptly forgot all about them.
My former-former house sat on a hillside overlooking a hollow and them more hillsides. The thing was, when a storm was rolling in I could see it for miles before it finally hit. The eeriness of it, the stillness in the air before the wind picked up, all so tangible.


drollgirl said...

what a lovely, moody shot! it almost looks like something from a fairy tale!

Phoenix said...

Beautiful. This looks like a lot of what I pictured Wuthering Heights to be, except without that ass-hat Heathcliff wandering around.

drollgirl said...

where are you? i hope you are ok! hopefully on vacation and enjoying life!