Friday, February 19, 2016

The 43rd Hoyt Regional Juried Exhibition

Lounging, 2002

The first time I exhibited in the Hoyt regional was in 2002.  It was quite an honor to be accepted into the show because that year the juror was the then-Andy Warhol Museum executive director, Tom Sokolowski.  The above print, digitally altered by a watercolor effect to mask the identity of the subject, was awarded an honorable mention.  If memory serves, this was the only photograph to be singled out for recognition.  This exhibition typically tends to favor the paintings.  Almost always very good paintings, very challenging in technique and subject....except for that one year a still life of pears won best in show.  Three pears, not even a bowl, no table.  Three lone pears, minimalist fucking pears suspended free of the pull of gravity on a canvas.  But I digress.
Anyway, I've shown at the Hoyt since then (see above pear rant), primarily because they always get top notch jurors and I want to get my work in front of those eyes.  This year (I just heard back yesterday via email) my submission was accepted.  I've posted the photo on this blog before, but I'll put it up again at the end of this post.  The juror this year is Janice Diesbach, chief curator at the Akron Art Museum.  I really respect the collection that they've got there, and how they exhibit.  It'll be a thrill to meet Ms. Diesbach at the opening reception, and I don't 'thrill' easily.  I'm already fussing over what to wear, which I never, ever do.

In The Garden of Headless Women, 2015

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