Sunday, November 1, 2015

That's A Great Question!

Ants and Figs, Pittsburgh, 2015

I've noticed  a despicable trend that interviewees are employing: Exclaiming, "That's a great question!"  to an ordinary, completely unremarkable question.  This sounds like faux flattery, or possibly a stalling tactic while you cook up a response to an insipid question, or they've lobbed such a softball your way that you get to drone about your favorite topic (yourself) ad nauseum. 
People, everyday people, famous people, anyone at all really, drop 'That's a great question!' from your bag of pat answers.  Come up with something interesting, if not original, if you need to stall and mull over your answer, and have the good sense to NOT talk about yourself like you're something great and wonderful that the world has never seen before.  I am here to tell you that you suck!  unless you're Mother Theresa, and she's dead, you're a regular horrible, selfish human being, and nobody cares what you're thought process is while you tweet.

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