Sunday, July 19, 2015

He's Lost His Head

              Death Scene of Count Orlok, Nosferatu, 1922

Well, well, well.  It appears that someone, or someones, has stolen the skull of the long dead director F.W. Murnau, from his iron re-enforced coffin in Germany.  Murnau is famous for making the uber creepy 1922 film, "Nosferatu", a movie that remains watchable, if not wholly enjoyable, to this day.  Even more enjoyable and relevant is the 2000 meta film, "Shadow of The Vampire" based loosely (oh so very loosely) on the making of "Nosferatu".  Willem DaFoe is deliciously evil as a *real* Count Orlok, while John Malkovich takes on the role of the single-minded Murnau, who is fully aware of the monster that his leading man is, even while the bodies on set begin to mount.

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