Saturday, December 20, 2014

Tales Of The Crypt

Leopold Vilsack Family Crpyt, St. Mary's Cemetery, Lawrenceville, Pgh, 2014

The thing about this crypt that caught my eye is the concrete seal covering the doorway, blocking entrance since the last child (Veronica) of Leopold and Dorothea Vilsack was laid to rest there in 1948.  All cities have their founders who amassed fortunes, and often they are known for generations because of philanthropic endeavors, but often there are those that slip through the cracks of time and if not for a creepy crypt in an already creepy old bone yard, they might be lost.
Leopold Vilsack was one of the founders of Iron City Brewery, which in and of itself is worth noting.  His wife Dorothea, who preceded him in death by only a month, bore 12 children that lived to adulthood.  While most of their children grew to be hard-working upstanding citizens, one son, August A. Vilsack served several months in prison for his role in a bribery and conspiracy scheme.
I wonder what the interior of that crypt is like, especially since there's virtually no way to gain access to it.

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