Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Way Back Machine

Last weekend we visited some friends renovating a duplex in Carnegie and they showed us some newspapers they'd extracted from a door frame in the basement, shoved in there to cut down on the draft.  Ever wonder what movies were playing in Pittsburgh on Wednesday October 24, 1962?  Wonder no more!  Originally released in 1961, but not making it's western Pennsylvania debut until over a year later, this 2 1/2 star (out of 5) gem stars Pier Angeli, most famous for having once dated James Dean.  It's IMDB summary goes thusly:


The Albatross travels from England to the New World in 1675, with a number of passengers, a couple of political prisoners along with a dozen other women convicts, these to be sold into slavery on arrival. The woman activist frees the dozen of low-cast women, and they take over the ship. After a storm, the captain takes back control of his ship. Since mutiny is punishable by death in the New World, the mutineers try to reroute the course, tossing Desny and Purdom in the brig. A practical male mutineer wants to throw the women overboard to save rations, but the women free Purdom and the captain to battle the mutineers. A British warship comes to the rescue, and the captain pardons Angeli and Purdom for having saved his life. Written by Artemis-9

I realize that there are those out there who adore B-movie swashbucklers, but I am not one of them and it is doubtful that I will ever watch this 'classic'.



Erin said...

I'm definitely looking this up :)

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

It's so rewarding to spread information, even if its value is something of a question ;)