Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Topsail Island, NC 2010

Since my father died my mother has been something of a lost soul. So, MK and I took her with us on vacation. Dear lord in heaven. I can break this week down in Scrabble game wins: MK - 4, Me - 3, Mom - 1. My mother is competitive, crazily so. If it wasn't so much fun to trounce her at Scrabble, we'd probably let her take an extra game here and there just to quiet the whining and bemoaning. But no. Or, but HELL no!
I got a lot of pics on vacation, including a terrapin roadkill, but mostly the best shots are fairly innocuous things end up being disturbing when I group them together...which is what will be posted tomorrow!


drollgirl said...

well aren't you the good daughter for taking your mom on vacation?! wow!!! and i bet you are ready for a whole other vacation, no?

p.s. i love scrabble. my mom and i are about evenly matched at this point, and the games are just BRUTAL. but fun. and the winner usually cackles with laughter.

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

Droll, you have no idea how cut throat my mother is with scrabble!!!! If she is a poor loser, she's a worse winner. That should explain something in this ;)