Thursday, February 25, 2010

Riding With Bela

For her own safety, and my sanity, when we travel Bela is kenneled up. Don't be fooled by how pathetic she looks here! Beagles milk their ability to look utterly forlorn and wretched for all that it's worth. She's the most shameless beggar in the kitchen, it's positively scandalous. She points that noble-domed head at me, lowers her big limpid eyes and the next thing I know I'm frying her an egg. It's like I've been hypnotized by the dog, my mind and will are that weak. "Ignore my rolls of fat, look into my eyes, I starve..."


drollgirl said...

hahaha! your dog RULES THE ROOST!!!!

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

Yes, Bela is definitely in charge around here!