Thursday, January 24, 2008

Just PlainNuts

I'm still officially on hiatus, but I just had to weigh in on the bat shit crazy demons at Westboro Baptist Church.
Only click on that link if you're properly self medicated because Westboro isn't a 'fun' church like Landover Baptist. No, WBC is a place filled with so much hate that it's visible from the International Space Station.

And now you're wondering what crazy antics these asshats might have a-brewing, right? They plan on picketing Heath Ledger's funeral, which should prove difficult as there's not going to be one. It's really ironic that the good Rev. Phelps and his followers (mosly family members) simply cannot comprehend that picketing the funerals of soldiers or celebrities earns them a lot of ill-will from the entire US. Nobody supports them. Nobody. Not even Pat Robertson. Not even Jerry Falwell, a former funeral picket target himself after he, uh, died.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of Heath Ledger. And to the wack-job fanatics over at WBC, I pity you people. The hell you've created for yourselves is probably much worse than anything looming in the afterlife.


YNGFA (just can´t giggle about this) said...

Oh Jennifer, I had no idea that people could be so misguided, mean and disturbing. And to call themselves a church, representing God.

But, I have to admit, at first I thought that what they wrote was satire. Very bad satire. Perhaps it was because of the upside-down-US flag. Is that even legal?

But it´s very interesting how the bible can be twisted to fit every single crazy thought. Religion and organized belief has become far too dangerous for my personal taste.

What God do they believe in anyway? Certainly not the forgiving one that I was told existed.

I am sorry that Heath Ledger passed away and was rather shocked about the news, not because I have seen so much of his work that I could say that "I know him well" but he was good and young and shouldn´t have died yet.
A tremendous loss for his family, the film industry and everyone who simply loves good, not-so-mainstream movies. May he be interred and rest in peace.

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

I think that it's kind to call these people 'misguided'. They are purposely hateful, they spend every waking moment trying to cook up ever escalating ways to be more hateful and spread their hate around the world. They revel in causing pain and distorting the bible.
Anyway and ahem, I have to go and buy some potatoes ;)

~wicked~ said...

and the horror continues as these clearly-disturbed folks try to continuously enter into Canada at all of our borders